Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are we there yet...

Why does the return trip always seem shorter than the original journey?

Have you ever noticed that on a long trip it always seems to take less time to return home that it did to get to your destination. Could it be that it already seems familiar. That its no longer an adventure. Or is it that we just can't wait to arrive, and when we get there, destination reached, we're pretty much ready to go home now.

Isn't this how we so often go through life. When we're a kid, we can't wait for the next day, and they always seemed to last forever. When we got there, we couldn't wait for the next day and the next and the next. Time seemed to take forever. But as we grow older, as we arrive at these various points in time, we look back and can't wait to get back to where we've been. And in the process time seems to move much, much faster. It's not that time actually moves faster, but having lost our ability to look forward in anticipation of the unexpected, when we can only look back, its familiarity plays tricks on us. Change is so slow that we don't realize it until we look back and ask where did the time go.

I know this has been my life. I'm really just beginning to realize the need to savor the moment with an eye on the future and while the past is there to learn from, its no place to live. I can't wait for tomorrow and the adventures it brings. And when I get there I can't wait to take in every moment, no matter how small. And finally, if you see me not savoring the moment, feel free to call me on it and kick me in the behind.  

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