Friday, February 08, 2013

What happened to civilized behavior

Is it me or have we become completely desensitized to extremely offensive language and common courtesy.

I'm sitting in a McDonald's on the south side of Chicago and there's a man going off. Screaming obscene statements. I haven't turned around to be able to describe him, but it's obviously not offending the management enough to call the police even though it'd been a good 30 minutes since he'd started his rant.

As for courtesy, how difficult is it pick up a tray and deposit your trash in the can before you leave. There are two trays with trash among the dozen or so tables within my line of sight. And one has been there since I arrived about two hours ago.

I love McDonald's but this just doesn't make sense. The uninterrupted offensive disruption and the failure to make a quick housekeeping pass through the dining room.

Am I wrong or just from a lost generation of civilized behavior.

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